Last week, iconic DJ and producer Benny Benassi dropped “Inside” via Ultra Records, his first single of 2019. He teamed up with fellow Italian producer Chris Nasty for the funky dance track which combines a bouncy bass line with electro-influenced melodies of varying texture and depth and a catchy vocal hook. In “Inside”, Benassi stays true to his signature tech-electro-pop house vibe.

With a career spanning more than fifteen years, two Grammys (Skrillex’s remix of Benassi’s “Cinema” won Benassi a Grammy in 2011) and a countless number of classic tracks, Benny Benassi has proved himself to be a legend in the dance music scene. He has drawn in fans with his humble, charming character along with his trademarked infusion of house and electro, starting with the release of his breakout hit “Satisfaction,” which launched him into a spotlight that he hasn’t stepped out of since. Benny and Chris had previously teamed up in 2017 on “2 My House” and in 2015 for “Aphrodisiak,” finally making their long-overdue reunion with “Inside.”

Check out “Inside” below!

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