A self-proclaimed Bass Architect, Lee Austin Bates is better known to the EDM world as MUST DIE! Today, the producer continues on his brutal massacre of killer releases over the past month or so.

His past two singles, “Chaos” and “Bliss 2k“, are two of our favorite slappers of 2019. Additionally, MUST DIE!’s “Revival” collab on Zomboy’s new EP was one of the standout tracks from the project.

Now, the Never Say Die affiliate is dropping off yet another haunting heater through the Dubstep mega-label. His newest release, “Epiphany Rush“, takes the listener to a whole other level of terrifying yet exhilaratingly fun soundscapes.

MUST DIE! continues to impress with each release he cranks out. Keep an eye out for more new music from him soon!

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