Detox Unit is a talented and unique producer based out of Texas. Real name Joseph Roberts, Detox Unit is sub-headlining some of the country’s most exciting Bass festivals like Infrasound, Solasta, and Yonderville. He also toured alongside Jade Cicada on their Studio Van tour in 2018.

Today, Roberts brings us his brand new Deviate project, featuring album art from Jake Amason. With his first release since 2016, Roberts unveils an intricate masterpiece in sound design to all his many fans’ excitement.

Roberts is known for interacting with his fanbase, being quoted as saying ‘he only puts out mixes because his fans want him to.’ Our standout track on his new Deviate EP is “Vibrate“. It’s a breaks-style tune, which no one else is really showing off in their releases nowadays.

Enjoy Deviate below!


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