After a pretty quiet 2018, mysterious Turkish producer Türküm returns with ANTI-SOBER, a deeply personal and poignant exploration of his years-long struggle with both humanity and alcohol. The new project highlights all sides of our emotions, from Angst to Loneliness to Hope to Fear. ANTI-SOBER carries a cinematic, larger-than-life feel, that only a few producers can so smoothly conceive.

“The album’s prelude is a record called “Sinners,” I always wanted to create an orchestral record with a rising effect to showcase the love I had for orchestral pieces. The name comes off the fake people who are nothing but snakes. Fake people will always be invisible to me and should be for everyone. The second track “Beast” was nothing but a show for what I could be doing, the alcohol in the morning would tear my head apart, but I’d just run off outside and fire up my laptop to show that I could be doing this even when I’m at my worst. The adrenaline that these records give is crazy, and it will stay with me forever. The moment the listener notices the transitions between the tracks and imagines what it will be like listening to Türküm live is when people really understand and gain clarity on what my vision on “Anti-Sober” was and what it will turn into. “Lonely,” “Starlight,” and “Treat Me Right” will be for the listeners who want to casually have a dance off and let go of their emotions. “Your Heart,” “Mind Of A Genius,” “Saints,” and “Power” are the reason why I love making bass music, merging emotions together with bass sounds is a feeling which I can’t find anywhere else in my life. I think my listeners resonate and feel the same way. “Lonely,” “Starlight,” and “Treat Me Right” are new records which are different from what I usually produce, but the notes of “Lonely” felt so right to me the second I hit them on my piano. The uplifting feeling is crazy. “Treat Me Right” is an upbeat pop song which developed as I put the notes down, I really wanted to make something simple yet powerful, I think that “Anti-Sober” turned out to be an album for everyone, while it has the vision and style that I always loved.” – Türküm

Enjoy his debut full-length album below!

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