Everybody’s favorite PBR drinkin’, horseback ridin’ producer is back with his new EP, Wonky Tonk. Mississippi native TVBOO (pronounced taboo)  has been making it known that he’s here to stay within the Bass community. Since early 2018, we’ve received a handful of fresh bangers from the up and comer.

The Wonky Tonk EP premiers chunky, well-designed basslines. We are all excited to see how far and wide the TVBOO project will reach over the next few years. The fellow writers always bring up how funny he is with his TVBOO Talks, on top of his wobbly production prowess.

Listen to TVBOO’s newest work below though Boogie T’s Drama Club Records and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with him here.

*Write-up by Peter Jacus*


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