Kayzo Collabs Once Again With shYbeast and Frank Zummo of Sum 41 for “Cruel Love”

Kayzo has been a tastemaker in the punk rock-cross-electronic scene. He has taken his influences and created insane tracks like “Night Terror” with Of Mice And Men and Up In Flames” with All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth. He has been recruiting top names and finding a great balance with other artists and today’s release is no exception. He’s pulled shYbeast and Frank Zummo for “Cruel Love“.

shYbeast, whose real name is Devin Oliver (of I See Stars) has worked under his moniker for the last several months with the goal of blending rock and electronic music.

Frank Zummo is a drummer who has been involved in numerous bands (most notably Sum 41) and even performed DJ sets within the pop/alt punk/rock genre. The three diverse backgrounds but similar genre-bending passion has blended this crew into an absolutely epic trio.

Listen to “Cruel Love” below!

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