Kayzo is a force to be reckoned with. Ever since his first album OVERLOAD, he has been working his way through epic collabs and genre crossovers. To this day, OVERLOAD is an album I still play on repeat during car rides home. Heard It Here First also had the opportunity to interview Kayzo back at Moonrise 2016, you can peep that here.

Today, he released his sophomore album, Unleashed. He spoke of the album via Instagram: “I want to thank you all for being so patient and opening your hearts to something different“.

Considering the album’s singles he’s brought to the table, like his collab with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, “Up In Flames, and others like Wasted Space” featuring Underoath, and “NIGHT TERROR” featuring close friend and fellow Binches member Yultron and Of Mice and Men, I expected we would see a huge punk rock crossover album. While we got tons of sick Rock efforts from the likes of Gaskarth, Frank Zummo of Sum 41, and multiple time Kayzo collaborator Micah Martin, the album also includes dance floor heavy collabs with k?d, 1788-L, ALRT, ARMNHMR, and HIHF favorite Tynan.

These fifteen tracks are all epic, ranging from Screamo-fueled Dubstep all the way to bangin’ Psytrance/Hardstyle music. This album will certainly be my new go-to driving jam, check out Unleashed in full below!


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