If you’ve followed Seven Lions or MitiS for a good minute you could say this collaboration was bound to happen. From his “Falling Away” remix in 2016, his “Cold Skies” remix in 2017, to playing support for the Journey Tour 2 in 2018, MitiS has been under our noses and under Seven Lion’s wing for quite some time now. This collab is definitely a long time coming. After recently bringing MitiS onboard Ophelia Records, Seven Lion’s record label, the two finally come together for “Break the Silence”, featuring vocals from RBBTS.

The trio blends their ethereal, melodic sounds that are sure to make you want to sing at the top of your lungs, cry, jump to the melody, or all three at once. Get your tissues ready and enjoy the new collab below.

*Write-Up by Becca Parks*




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