Eptic has established himself as one of the most exciting producers in Dubstep over the past few years. The young Belgian blew up on the scene in 2014 after his Never Say Die released “Like A Boss” EP went industry viral. More recently, he linked up with Dillon Francis on “Let It Go” through Monstercat. For today’s follow up track, again through Monstercat, Eptic brings out all the stops and turns the volume up to eleven.

Power” features fast-paced, heavy Dubstep being dogpiled directly on top of the listener. This track is certainly not for the feint of heart and I’m sure it will be included throughout plenty of producer’s sets across festival stages worldwide for the rest of 2019. The track also has an animated music video supposedly dropping very soon.

“I’m not gonna lie, it took me a while to figure out this song. I wrote the drop pretty early on in progress, but I couldn’t get the mix or intro right. It was only after I was about to give up and really reflected on my own production skills that I tried a different approach and could make it work. I’m proud to say that after all this “Power” is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made – production and songwriting wise, and it really set the standard for all the other tracks on this EP.” –Eptic

Keep an ear out for Eptic’s upcoming Flesh & Blood EP. He’s setting off on a nationwide tour to accompany the project, with HIHF favorite Tynan providing direct support.


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