Lake Tahoe based producer CharlestheFirst joins up and coming Philadelphia Bass artist tiedye ky today for their genre-bending single, “Love & Enemies”. Mashing hip-hop with lush experimental basslines is something that defines Charles’ style. His ability to keep his music dreamy yet maintain a danceable, bouncy vibe is something he has in mass surplus.

In a world where Bass music is saturating the market, Tiedye Ky is doing it all differently. His punk-Bass style is something we’ve never really seen before in modern Bass music.  His knack for innovation and original sound is the catalyst for his early success. Be sure to keep an eye out for tiedye ky as he is turning heads around the country already.

Seeing both of these beyond talented artists on the same track is a treat, to say the least. Listen to the beefy tune below!

*Write-Up by Peter Jacus*


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