I have become a huge fan of Kaivon’s over the past year. I loved his releases like “77” and “Your Eye” and pretty much everything he put out throughout 2019. After his release “I Love You” last month, I played the track nonstop — I am beyond excited to talk about his first EP out today through Deadbeats.

Kaivon’s Transformation EP contains three tracks that take us on a journey and show us the versatility of Kaivon as an artist. The first, “Darkness“, brings long, drawn-out wubs that will melt your face. “Invasion” picks up the pace with wobbly sounds and old school Trap horns. Finally, he closes out the EP with “Light“, which has a gentler vibe, soft vocals and mimics styles of some of his older songs. Altogether, this EP is truly a transformation for Kaivon!

Kaivon has his six-stop tour for the Transformation EP starting soon and he just announced his slot at MTV’s New Year’s festival Snowglobe – one he said he has been dreaming of playing for a while.

Check out the full EP below! Which track is your favorite?


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