The name says it all for the latest track, “Came For The Low,” from acclaimed electronic giant ZHU and underground collaborator partywithray. The four-on-the-floor percussive foundation and heavy, imposing bass tones make for an infectious club anthem emphatically exuding the electronic scene’s musical influence over modern pop music: ZHU’s trademark vocal contributions only further this notion despite the distorted intonation on the track’s lumbering yet fast-paced hook. The two artists culminate their producing prowess for a polished, progressive tune with a lot to love.

Accompanied with an intriguing video capitalizing on both contemporary political and meme culture, ZHU and partywithray find support in a surprise appearance from Democratic candidate Andrew Yang with a recognizable backdrop of Area 51. The video is cryptically fun with lighthearted yet thoughtful allusions to issues of government transparency and atomic escalations amidst a playful consideration of extraterrestrial contact. Keep an ear out for the new track during ZHU’s headlining set at MTV’s SnowGlobe Music Festival just west of Area 51 come the end of December!

There’s no need to keep it on the low – let us know what you think of the new tune in the comments!

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