Fuck WIth Me” from Wreckno, HerShe, and Jack the Human is the full package; club beats, swanky bass, and a healthy serving of attitude.

Wreckno and HerShe have already established themselves as prominent voices in hybrid bass and hip hop tunes on their previous collab “A Little Bit,” and their newest effort is worthy of any 808-oriented dancefloor. No stranger to bouncy hip hop beats, this one really shows off Jack the Human’s ability to bring off-beat boom-bop rhythms and funky sound design together.

The song has a short intro with dissonant horns leading into a synthy build. HerShe comes in with the chorus, which is as in your face as you should expect from the song’s namesake. The kick is really tight which gives space for gritty 808s to flow out with the groove and an absolutely mean snare. The percussion is constantly dancing around other layers, perfectly accompanying each verse. The cadence of both HerShe’s and Wreckno’s verses are addictive, it’s the kind of track you want to learn all the lyrics to so you can yell them flawlessly out in the club.

A phenomenal new release from these three right here. Their ability to mesh slick lyrics and gritty basslines is unprecedented and front and center on “Fuck With Me.” 

Crates I’m Putting This One Into: Boom Butter, Bass-y Trap, Club Heaters

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