LSDream & Shlump Unveil “Universal Wub EP” Joint Project Out Now Through Wakaan [Exclusive Photos From Their Universal Wub Tour]

When LSDream and Shlump announced their Universal Wub tour, our team was ecstatic. Little did we know, in a couple weeks’ time, they’d be announcing the massive news of a joint project, released through Wakaan, to coincide with their tour.

The two highly respected ‘Space-Bass’ acts have come together for a psychedelic, dimension-transcending journey of an EP. Their new Universal Wub EP contains four tracks, each more explorative and unique than the one before it.

Sarah Hudson features on the final, and our favorite tune, ‘STARCHILD,’ which is a straight-up assault on the senses with rhythmically dense layers and pumped up top-line.

We had the pleasure of shooting their show Friday night at Avondale Music Hall in Chicago, check out the EP and some of our favorite shots from their Universal Wub tour below!









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