Boogie T released his Hip Hop EP Sweet T just over a month ago and now he’s back again with Old Gold. The four wild tracks blend a variety of musical styles, from his classic dubs and wubs to Reggae and Japanese music. The EP was released through Boogie’s own label Drama Club Recordings.

Mountain G.O.A.T.” brings us some slower-paced Dubstep with “Bambaataa“, featuring SubDocta, picking up the pace and intensity with video game-like, elongated 8-bit wubs. “Duck Duck Goose” fires off with creepy commentary and robotic instructions of the classic children’s game that launches into some serious wobbles.

My personal favorite off the EP is “Bad Mon Choon” which features Reggae beats and Japanese string instruments during the mellow verses then takes off into some choppy, Riddim-style Dubstep.

Which track did you like off Old Gold best?



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