Protohype Kicks Off New Label Underdog Records With New Single “Run Cried The Crawling”

Protohype is a veteran of the Dubstep game and it’s great seeing him step back into the limelight recently with his smash collab, “Bop Bop“, featuring Dirt Monkey, as well as seeing him bless tons of festivals this year like Lost Lands, Wakaan Fest, and Washington D.C.’s Nightmare Festival.

Today, Protohype brings us some huge news. The Dubstep dog-lover is launching a brand new label, Underdog Records! The first single out on Underdog will be from Protohype himself and is titled “Run Cried The Crawling” and features vocals courtesy of Charmae.

“Run Cried The Crawling is my first release on my record label, Underdog Records. This track screams 2012 dubstep vibes, and is a big nod to all of the music that shaped me into the artist I am today!” – Protohype

Enjoy the chilling new single below!

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