Its been a year since we received a LUZCID project and its safe to say we have been fiending. Luckily for us, today we rejoice. LUZCID’s new “Luminescent” EP hit the airways early this morning. LUZCID’s evolution throughout the years has us incredibly excited. With every release, LUZCID flexes his ability as a producer and weaver of sounds.

The project begins with the track “Swamp Sorcery”. This bop will be sure to wobble you into submission. LUZCID’s signature bass is accompanied by unblemished composition.  The following record, “The Jellyfish” resumes the madness. Celestial synths build and escort you into exquisite low-end bass. Somewhere in between downtempo and uptempo, this tune oozes originality. The EP maintains its excellence in the following three tunes, from old school dubstep to more experimental freeform. This project hits all the marks, and also features impressive performances by Jaenga and Charmae.

“By definition luminescence is spontaneous emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat; or “cold light”. Over the past several months I have noticed the music world redefining what we consider high energy bass music. It is becoming wildly more melodic and explorative. In this way, I see a parallel to the concept of luminescence. We are finding a new way to create light, as opposed to always using heat. This new musical freedom is what created the Luminescent EP. When the world turns dark use it as an opportunity to learn another way to create light.” – LUZCID

Enjoy the new LUZCID, off Wakaan, below!

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