Today, LA-based DJ/producer Slushii (Julian Scanlan) released his new 17-track album Dream II under the alias sapientdream. It serves as the sequel to his sophomore album DREAM that was released back in 2018. Both albums mark a drastic shift in his sound, involving tranquil sounds and atmospheres and ultimately showcasing a softer side of his infectious signature sound. Through both DREAM and Dream II, Slushii provides his most cohesive collection of music and exposes a little piece of his truest self.

Along with the original DREAM release, Slushii shared the following statement:

“ok it’s time to be very real with you guys. as some of you may know i’ve had on and off depression since i was little due to bullying in school and having Aspergers. my outlet has always been to write about happier things to make me feel better. but this time around i wondered what it would be like if i was 100% honest about my feelings in my music, and actually let my emotions and true self show. what you’re getting is the darkest, and most nostalgic music i’ve ever released. i made this album with the hopes to touch people that are like me, and help them escape from their sadness, if even for a brief moment. this album is me, imperfections and all.”

Under his alias sapientdream, he released the following statement on twitter regarding Dream II:

Check out the full album below, and let us know what you think!

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