Electric Hawk is a fellow budding music blog that’s decided to take the underground bass scene into their own hands. After weeks worth of speculation over their mysterious colorful, Twitter-wide hand and feather avi, the secret is finally out.

Today, Electric Hawk is launching its brand new independent record label — Electric Hawk Records! For their debut release, they’ve tapped some of the hottest rising stars in the bass music community.

Enjoy their brand new compilation EP, “In Harmony“, which features brand new music from MIZE, Super Future, Fryar & Matheny, Ravenscoon, SLZRD, Psyoctave, Vieira, OSIS x SAGS, Illanthropy, and SuperAve and check out what the Electric Hawk team had to say about their debut compilation.

In Harmony is a metaphor we want to send out the message of what Electric Hawk stands for: Artists and Community working together through music-sharing as a flock to uplift each other’s lives through connection and sounds. Working together In Harmony, the falling Feather represents the artists and their music, who are in our Hands in order to help them accomplish their wildest dreams and endeavors, as to which The Hand represents us, the community and fans. Everyone needs to be on the same wavelength to thrive.” – Electric Hawk





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