With December finally upon us, the decade is officially coming to a close. November came and went and with it came tons of brand new slappers. Our personal favorite project of the month was Madeon’s new album, Good Faith. Not only did his vocal performances throughout the album leave us stunned, but the light, airy, tenderness of each track on Good Faith brings such a raw emotion along with it, we’re left awestruck after each and every additional listen.

Other standout EPs/albums were LSDream’s and Shlump’s Universal Wub EP, FKJ’s Ylang Ylang EP, Eprom’s AIKON EP, GRiZ’s Bangers[4].zip EP, Subdocta’s CBDB EP, Sully’s Break The Floor EP, and Fox Stevenson’s full-length Killjoy project.

Enjoy our best of the month playlist below! Apple Music link here.



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