After masquerading through his adolescent music career as a rumored deadmau5 side project, ATTLAS has firmly entrenched himself in a truly unique and original sound. Canadian-born and releasing music through mau5trap since bursting onto the scene in 2015, ATTLAS has been well-worth the comparison as his music reflects the compositional competence of an artist with as much tenure as his label’s founder.

ATTLAS’ sound is undeniably chill, drawing immense indie and techno influence throughout his entire discography. The latest release, “Hotel,” is no different in terms of influence, but it provides a fresh sound layered into a mellow-but-danceable beat. Polyrhythmic synths stack to form a sort of shuffle-beat of their own atop a passive percussive beat, and vocals provided by newcomer MAYLYN fill out the fluid and hypnotizing track.

Accompanied by a captivating and ambitiously abstract music video to boot, “Hotel” is an emphatic statement to open the new year. The track’s incredibly listenable sound embraces the symbolism of its title and reassures its audience that they are welcome to stay for a while.

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