Multi-international electronic artist Apashe has exhibited a tireless work ethic towards the innovation of his composition and production elements. Making a name for himself with his unique blend of orchestral and classical influences, Apashe’s music is undeniably versatile and captivating.

A number of his original tracks have enjoyed features in trailers for major Hollywood productions – most notably for installments in the Fast & Furious and John Wick franchises. Juxtaposed beside his impeccable sound design and sampling techniques, it is hardly a wonder why his music carries the pervasive adjective of “cinematic.”

The latest track is hardly a departure from any of these tenets of his craft; rather, “Uebok (Gotta Run)” plays out much like the action-packed trailers that Apashe’s music has found favor in. Riding the high of a frantic vocal performance from Russian rapper Instasamka, the track serves like a highlight reel of the producer’s capabilities.

Opening with a disorienting phase shift shared between instrumentals and vocals, the tone of the tune is firmly established by the emphatic entrance of a brass piece that functions as the powerful bass expected of electronic music. The vocals and underlying woodwinds are spliced eloquently into a recognizable but never-repetitive piecemeal of production magic.

The false-ending in the center of the track is recouped by a more expansive vocal palette from Instasamka on the second go-through, and the entrance of a fast-paced, glitchy percussion track suggests that “Uebok (Gotta Run)” functions as both a peek into Apashe’s abilities and a teaser for its own brief but enticing run-time.

We’ll keep our ears open for more Apashe tunes as they continue to hide in plain sight. Let us know what you think of his latest in the comments!

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