Following up his 2018 debut project, “Irene”, Medasin continues his experimentation into genre-bending beats with his new album RIPPLS. Exuding an air of euphoric confidence, RIPPLS creates a vibrant atmosphere with chilled out beats, including collaborations from Naomi Wild, Cautious Clay, Jean Carter, Khai, and Duckwrth.

My personal favorite from the project is “Everytime”, which explores feelings of disappointment and the roads that expectations can lead you down. Noami Wild’s vocal effort pairs all too well with the bouncing beat while it alternates between nostalgic melodies and thick bass lines to emphasize the lyrical components of the track.

Medasin wrote an email to The FADER magazine explaining some of the motivation behind the album:

To me, this album is an amalgamation of everything I’ve felt and been inspired by in the past couple years. Not only musically, but also through conversation, reflection, and several existential crises. Learning how to extract pure unfiltered energy from myself and encapsulate it into a song and project is a grueling yet beautiful process. Now to open up my heart and share my creation with the world, it’s truly one of the most gratifying processes I’ve felt so far. Simply put, it’s just a blessing to be here and to be able to express via music, be heard, and understood.” – Medasin on RIPPLS


Alongside the album, a great deal of effort was put into making cohesive production including new visuals and lighting maps.  You can check out Willy Joy‘s interview with Medasin on his Back 2 Back Podcast, the duo covers a multitude of topics including the process of touring and the struggles surrounding it.

Listen to RIPPLS below:


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