As we covered last week, electronic super-duo Louis The Child promised to deliver weekly remixes to satiate fans put up behind closed doors amidst the turmoil outside.

After teasing collaborations with indie/alternative pop artists Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler on their social medias, however, their weekly release schedule was commandeered in favor of an original release.

The track, a feel-good anthem titled “Little Things,” is a collaboration in the truest form -Louis The Child leading the charge and production from Jon Bellion, who also provides additional vocals to the track. Bellion noted that he didn’t want to be credited in the song’s title because he wanted to be more noted for his production contributions.

“Little Things” floats above an airy percussion track with a bounce beat that blends feel of ’90s hip-hop and modern pop into an infectiously positive sound. The song is scattered with aptly simplistic synth sounds that flit about with a fun, 8-bit sound. While tonally relaxed throughout, the track explodes into a synth-fanfare for its final chorus that impresses in range without overpowering the softer notes preceding.

With endearing lyrics urging its listeners – be that interpersonal or the artists’ broad musical audiences – to appreciate the simple parts of life, the release could not be more perfectly timed or in-tune with the relief that the duo sought with their weekly releases. The charm exuding from the vocal performances and euphonious harmonies of Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler only further sweeten the incredibly palatable tune.

Enjoy the latest release from Louis The Child, and keep on the lookout for more week-to-week. Let us know what you think of the latest collab in the comments!


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