At merely Twenty years old, Ethan Snoreck has a gilded trophy case of musical collaborations. Operating under the moniker Whethan, the young artist has pumped out hits with the help of heavyweight contemporaries from all genres:

Dua LipaLouis The ChildPortugal. The ManOh WonderHONNE, and Tom Morello headline an apparently endless list of colleagues.

His forthcoming full-length debut, titled FANTASY, has teased a similar trajectory with three leading singles featuring artists like global alternative outfits STRFKR, Grouplove, and grandson.

While the first trio of tracks maintain a strong sense of the indie/alternative genre, the latest release “So Good” steeps itself in influences from bass and mainstream electronic music.

Featuring a radio-ready vocal performance from German-Canadian singer/songwriter bülow, the track masterfully weaves the syncopated lyricism with booming bass hooks and chirping samples.

“I’ve wanted to work with bülow for awhile now,” Whethan shares. “She’s an amazing artist and on top of that we were able to write a song together that I think everyone that has gone through any sort of heartbreak can relate to. It ended up being one of my favorite songs off the album if you want to go hard.” – Whethan

A persistent trap beat underscores “So Good” as a percussive glue to the otherwise competing elements. The production quality is tangibly crisp – par for the course throughout Whethan’s career.

An accompanying lyric video was released for the latest single with visuals that fluctuate between serene and psychedelic, much like the variability of the track itself.

The hype is building towards Whethan’s upcoming album FANTASY, and we can’t wait to hear the whole thing in its entirety. Which single have you enjoyed the most so far? Let us know below in the comments!


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