Norwegian electronic artist Jakob Bjørn-Hansen, better known as his alias Bearson, has been pumping out impressive pop-electronic with global label Ultra Records since 2016.

Bearson has been impactful in a short career beginning in his teenage years – he has accrued over a hundred million streams and countless collaborations. Bjørn-Hansen has worked on tracks with the likes of Tove StrykeAshe, and Whethan and shared tour dates with the latter in 2017.

The 24-year old artist/producer is preparing to release his debut album in the near future, and he expressed strong sentiment for tracks like “Feelings” that did not make the cut for the album: “These songs need to live out in the world and not on a hard drive!!”

The latest release comes through Ultra subsidiary Next Wave Records, a label co-founded by Bearson himself. This time, he has brought Swedish singer/songwriter HART into the fold for the pleasant summertime jam “Feelings.”

“Feelings” features impressive vocal sampling in the background of a mix littered with glittering synths and passively pushing drum beats; an understated vocal performance from Hart underscores the track’s bittersweet lyricism.

“Feelings started with me receiving a demo remotely from Sweden. I really liked the song, so I got a hold of the vocal stems and started building around it from scratch. I usually like being in the studio with the vocalists I’m working with, but in these weird times we’re in I guess I’ll have to get used to this way of working too, haha.” – Bearson


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