We are ecstatic to have Walter Wilde on board for a duel-threat Interview/HIHF Guest Mix!

The young DJ/Producer is a favorite of Ganja White Night’s SubCarbon label and is slated to provide opening support for their Red Rocks show, whenever the reschedule date may be, alongside huge names like Caspa, Mala, Boogie T, and loads more.

He also has a new tune coming out next Friday on Ganja’s highly anticipated Loud Speaker Vol. 2 compilation album, alongside tunes from Dirt Monkey, Ternion Sound, Bukez Finest, and tons of other promising producers.

We had the chance to chat with Wilde about what he’s got going on for the rest of the year as well as what he’s doing to get through the Quarantine.

Check out both the interview and guest mix below! This guest mix is absolutely fire, jam-packed with tunes from himself and fellow SubCarbon up and comers like Notixx, Stratus, Tyro and loads more. Tracklist beneath the interview.

H: How are you holding up with everything going on? Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

W: Other than making music I’ve been just smoking weed & hanging out with the girlfriend, been getting back into Starcraft 2 a bit. Shows being canceled has made my income pretty much non-existent which has been the worst of it for me, just trying to wait this out and keep positive. 

H: What got you started in Production/DJing? 

W: I come from a musical family and always knew I wanted to do something with music but never felt like competing with what the rest of my family did (Dad being a drummer, brother being a guitar player). In my teen years I saw a video with Ad-Rock talk about producing beats for The Beastie Boys with Reason 5, the idea of making music on the computer was new to me but I was excited to make it my thing.

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H: Who are a few of your influences? 

W: Rusko, Eptic, Roshi, Grimblee and P0gman all sculpted my early sound and helped me find my voice

H: Who are you listening to right now?

W: Lately been listening to all the other Subcarbon Records boys a lot, also love me a lot of the Wakkaan and DeadBeats releases

 H: How are you staying busy during Quarantine?

 W: Weed, dubstep and starcraft b a b y

H: Love to hear it haha. What can you tell us about what you’ve got on tap for the rest of 2020?

W: Expect another EP for sure, possibly two by the end of the year; I much prefer releasing albums instead of singles so for the most part that’s where my focus will usually lie. I think there’s a lot more creatively you can do within the context of an album than just a stand-alone track.


H: Any collabs you have in the works you can tell us about?

W: My track “Mr. Big” with Izzy Vadim drops on May 15th via Subcarbon Records which I’m really excited about. Also, have collabs with SubDocta and Jub with no current release date.

H: What can you tell us about ‘The Wonky Song’ and it’s creation? Obviously, that’s one of the most popular Dubstep songs there is!

W: Josh and I made that track in six hours and to this day am amazed by how it was received. I remember thinking the song was kind of meh and not really wanting to put it out, it taught me you literally never truly know what is going to click with people. I think it also goes to show how stupidly self-critical artists are

H: Obviously this may be a sore subject but you were booked for Ganja White Night’s Wobble Rocks. Although postponed, how does that feel to be part of such a legendary lineup?

W: I remember watching the Skrillex at Red Rocks video forever ago and how inspiring/motivating that felt at the time. It’s crazy to think that now I’ll be sharing my music on that same legendary stage, I barely have words for it. I have to thank GWN so much for the opportunity they’re the absolute best.

H: What would a dream collab for you be? Any genre of collaborator, feel free to give us a few. 

W: I think I’d have to go with either Eptic or Rusko, their styles influenced enough of my sound that it’d feel very full circle

H: What’s a hobby you have that no one would know about you if you didn’t tell them?

W: I used to be an amateur mixed martial arts fighter and instructor in my teen years. Still watch a lot of the UFC cards and follow the sport pretty heavily.

H: To close it out, what’s a message you’d like to send to your fans?

W: Thank you for all the support over the years, whether you’ve bought one my tracks, come to my shows or have shared my music with your friends, you’ve helped me immensely. I know I still have my best music ahead of me and I’m feeling more focused than ever to make my mark on the scene. I love you all!

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Huge thank you for chatting with us during this stressful time. Be sure to support Walter Wilde on socials and check out the tracklist for his new mix below!


1. Walter Wilde x P0gman – Bass Boom

2. Walter Wilde x P0gman – Bass Boom (Tyro Remix)

3. Walter Wilde x Boarcrok – Break That

4. Walter Wilde x Subceptron – Wasted

5. Walter Wilde x Creation – Chain Mane

6. Ganja White Night – Dirty Girl

7. Walter Wilde – GG

8. Walter Wilde x Boogie T – Hella Good

9. Walter Wilde x DirtySnatcha – Turn Uppp

10. Walter Wilde – Go Mad (ft. Gravity)

11. Walter Wilde x Roshi – Ignorant (ft. Boogie T)

12. Walter Wilde x P0gman – Bass Boom (Ft. Boogie T)

13. Walter Wilde x Drippy x Rattrix – Everything Is Cool (Notixx Remix)

14. Sleepi – Jetski (Walter Wilde x Rattrix Remix)

15. Subdocta – Rail Spot (Stratus Remix)

16. Tvboo x DMVU – Eat My Sass

17. Walter Wilde x The Widdler – Real Talk

18. Walter Wilde x Roshi – Take It (VIP)

19. Walter Wilde – Blood (ft. Mikey Ceaser)

20. Izzy Vadim – Space Noodles

21. Walter Wilde x Izzy Vadim x P0gman – Run It

22. Walter Wilde x SubDocta – Suga

23. Walter Wilde x SubDocta – Suga (Tyro Remix)

24. Subceptron – Affliction

25. Kai Wachi – Demons (VIP)

26. Walter Wilde x Eh!de – High Grade

27. Griz x Subtronics – Griztronics (Space Wizard Remix)

28. Subtronics x Zeds Dead – Bumpy Teeth

29. Walter Wilde x Monxx – The Wonky Song (Rekoil Remix)

30. Walter Wilde x Monxx – The Wonky Song (Subtronics Remix)

31. Walter Wilde x Izzy Vadim – Mr. Big

32. Stratus – Everything Goes Black

33. Walter Wilde x SubDocta – Suga (Chomppa Remix)

34. Walter Wilde – Money Beet

35. Walter Wilde – Meanwhile

36. ID X ID – ID

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