Deep dubstep dons TRUTH have been cooking up sonic masterpieces for over a decade. Their hauntingly dark style has been the defining characteristic in their sound for years. This terrifying vibe that they have perfected has gained them some attention from television producers. Their talent in sound design even landed their horrifying soundscapes on FX’s “American Horror Story”.

The duo is quite seasoned in world touring. They have performed on five continents and at festivals such as Shambhala, Outlook, and Infrasound. There is no denying that TRUTH is one of New Zealand’s top exports. The New Zealand Music Awards recently even named TRUTH the “Best Electronic Artist”.

This new project comes to us through Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan Label. This is not unfamiliar territory for the duo. Almost exactly a year ago, we saw the duo drop “The Unexpected EP” on Wakaan. Since then, we have been patiently waiting for more juice.

Luckily for us, today we receive the pack. The “Druids” EP hit the airways early this morning. It’s always great waking up to some Deep, Dark, and Delicious tunes.

The EP comes firing right out of the gates with the title-track “Druids”. Driving basslines dominate this track, keeping you moving throughout. The tension established by “Druids” is quickly relieved with the next track, “Hold Ya Tongue”. 

This more smooth track offers serious variance from the last. Without a doubt this our favorite tune on the project. The sound design offers a lush but dark feel, instantly transporting you to another place altogether.

The following tune, “Anubis”,  begins with eastern European instrumentals, followed by dark accelerating basslines that the duo are most known for.

The project concludes with the otherworldly “Seeing Things”. Don’t be surprised if this hypnotic tune puts you into a trance. This masterpiece of a finale provides equal doses of ominous and heavy.

What did you think of the new EP from TRUTH? Let us know below in the comments.


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