Long before he stepped out of the shadows of mystery, ZHU’s sound and mood had become an iconic trademark of his. Even after revealing his identity, his music stayed at the forefront of everything ZHU and he continued to carefully put together collaborations that enriched his sound and felt right. Today, he brings us another unmistakably ZHU anthem on Astralwerks featuring the esteemed singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actress Tinashe.

The first note in “ONLY” instantly transports you to a dark, smokey room with every following beat and vocal filling the room with that classic dark yet sensual ZHU vibe. Tinashe’s seductive voice pairs perfectly with the track, amplifying the hypnotic house mood of “ONLY”. The tune is a great example of ZHU’s artistry as well as his ability to curate and collaborate to bring his vision to life.

The track was premiered at the end of ZHU’s first live-stream as a signed content creator with Luminosity Gaming on May 14, after a three-hour charity stream with fellow Luminosity streamer MrFreshAsian. You can now check it out below for your own streaming pleasure, let us know what you think!


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