When it comes to freeform bass music, there are few that rival the legend EPROM. His vocal processing, sound design, and overall flow are out of this world and you never know what to expect from him next. He showcased a lot of new tunes on his latest live stream with Room Service Festival, which we are very excited about as well!

This week, he unleashed his latest transmission, “Secret Technique“, through Deadbeats , which has become a home for many of his latest releases. This is the first body of work he has put out in several months, as he has been busy balancing the Shades project; his collaboration alias with Alix Perez.

Secret Technique” has everything you would expect, starting off with dark atmospheres, things quickly get to business. Using perfectly timed blank space, EPROM adds suspense at the perfect moments to give the drops more power. Signature vocal samples accompany the complex, space blaster type melody to truly take your mind on a trip.

Enjoy this new banger below!


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