Dubloadz, the New Jersey based artist, has been staying very active lately. He released “House of Ghosts” last week, a massive Exoplanet EP last month through Deadbeats and has done multiple live streams for his fans. We were even blessed with a special Houseloadz set to change up the pace.

Today, he revealed the first project of his new personal Label, Ghost Gang Records. The Sharp Objects EP is not his normal heavy bass, but a full take of his deep and dark tastes. He has released this style before, with hits like “Salt” and “Pepper”, but this is his first stab at a full, cohesive body of work. All of the tracks feature ominous intros which lead into much slower and technical drops. The same energy and flow can be found in all of his work, but it is nice to see Dubloadz growing as a producer and expanding his discography, which we also saw with his Houseloadz project.

Check out Dubloadz’s new EP below and let us know which track is your favorite!




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