On the heels of collaborations with Boogie T‘s funk group BOOGIE T.RIO, fresh solo artist Yàno dropped his dazzling debut single earlier in 2020. Titled “Memories,” the song is a lo-fi groove that feels very in touch with versatile ideas in contemporary music genres.

Andriu Yanovski, masquerading as Yàno, hails from New Orleans, but his sound across two singles – including today’s release “Can’t Fall in Love Again” – is more modernly influenced than the southern ties of both BOOGIE T.RIO and Yàno’s locale.

The latest track embraces a more high-fidelity sound than the debut track with a groove underpinned by a crisp, constant bassline and modest drum beats. Yàno employs a velvety smooth R&B vocal approach that lends itself nicely to the warmly atmospheric instrumental.

While the song has the bounce and fanfare that has come to encompass the vibes of many modern indie pop artists, “Can’t Fall in Love Again” nevertheless exhibits Yàno’s roots with jazzy brass flairs on each hook.

We’re looking forward to more impressive releases from this talented up-and-comer. Until the next tune drops, Yàno leaves fans of his latest with the following:

“This song, despite it’s seemingly sad title, is actually about feeling so happy and in love with someone that you can’t imagine feeling that way about anyone else. It all came together back in 2016, during my senior year of College, when I was hopelessly in love. I actually wrote all of the lyrics and the basic melody for the song in the middle of my ‘History of American Music’ class, because the original lyrics are in the middle of my notebook for that class.’’ – Yàno


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