Rolling out a number of singles throughout the early parts of 2020, Kaivon has struck again with his latest infectious single “Sanctuary.”

The releases from the explosively rising artist have been incredibly versatile in sound: “We Don’t Give a Fuck” stuck to a very hardline dubstep sound, and the subsequent “Don’t Leave Me” emanates cinematic vibes in its instrumental brilliance.

Kaivon’s latest track follows a bit more linearly from the previous single with warm, orchestral sounding synths flowing freely through the tune.

Alternating alluring hooks and twinkly verses, the track builds expansively without ever capitalizing on a huge drop. The instrumentals throughout echo the enthralling simplicity of previous single “Don’t Leave Me.”

“Sanctuary” employs the talents of feature singer and frequent electronic music collaborator Sarah de Warren. Beautifully helming the melody, de Warren’s vocals are also sampled and scattered throughout the tune’s explosive sections.

The new release comes to us through Thrive Music.

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