Lizzy Jane has teamed up with The Brig to bring us their stunning new collab, “I Am”. Released through the brand new Stratos Union label, this is an absolute slapper. Lizzy recently teamed up with HIHF for our Cabin Fever Sessions and The Brig released his spectacular HIHF guest mix a few months back. It’s awesome to see these two talented up and comers team up!

“I Am” features introspective lyricism and beautiful vocals from Lizzy and signature nostalgic builds and breaks from The Brig. The Stratos Union assisted tune manages to be hard and heavy while still carrying that wonky, old-school feel.

Stratos Union is a new record label, started this month with support from Chime, Dr. OziPrismatic, Kid Trevor, Millennial Trash and, of course, Lizzy and The Brig. Keep an eye on the exciting new label for more fire tracks on the horizon.

Check out Lizzy Jane and The Brig’s newest work below!

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