While we await patiently on Whethan’s debut album, Fantasy, he has released a brand new, chaotic, Trap remix of Charli XCX’s “Claws”.

This track is fun, bouncy, and wild, encapsulating so much of what makes Whethan’s style magnetically attractive. This new slapper brings together his unique sound design and impressive transitions, and it is sure to make the rounds in upcoming live-streams and mixes this summer.

Whethan has referred to moments writing the upcoming album as “…dreamlike or euphoric”. He went on to explain, “Each song is an entirely different world, but they all come together to create the whole picture”. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of “Fantasy”.

We’re glad we have this new heat to tide us over until the final product is ready for our ears and hearts. You can stream the new Charli XCX remix from Whethan below!


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