Tripzy Leary has slowly and surely been carving out a name for himself in this ever-expanding world of Bass music. He has a huge artillery of heaters under his belt and has shared the stage with sfam, Jon Casey, Sumthin Sumthin, Walter Wilde, SAYER, Ravenscoon and tons of other booming up and comers. He’s also performed on huge festival stages like Shambhala Music Festival and Valhalla Sound Circus.

The Canadian alien is back today, following up his Cyberspace LP and tour with yet another banger-packed full-length project, Generation Z.

Generation Z is an eighteen-track journey through the extraterrestrial mind of Leary. The DJ/producer flexes another talent throughout Generation Z, his own vocals. Tripzy Leary has certainly surprised us with his seamless flow and impressive wordplay on this massive new project.

Trippy, exquisite sound design, and wickedly filthy basslines are rampant throughout Generation Z. This is a stellar addition to Tripzy Leary’s quickly growing discography.

Let’s dive into the alien brain of Leary as he takes us on a sonic journey into the future to see what’s ahead for our earth-bound species. While we don’t know what’s next for us, we do know that Tripzy Leary has got a huge career ahead of him.

Enjoy both the album mix and the full-length album below and be sure to let us know which tune was your favorite in the comments!

Album art by Chris Sh1elds

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