BRONSON, the new project from electronic music heavyweights ODESZA and Golden Features, has just released their self-titled collaborative album. Buildup for this project has taken place over recent months, creating substantial hype for the collab album to live up to throughout quarantine.

This album, simply put, is fantastic. The common theme throughout the ten track, thirty-nine-minute record is ambience. Complete with an assortment of atmospheric bass and a euphoric air that graces each song, I am loving this collection of music.  

Off the bat, my favorite track is one of the album’s singles, “HEART ATTACK”. Featuring not only the vocal talents but also the writing skills of lau.ra, “HEART ATTACK” brings together an expertly designed atmospheric experience with house influence. Playing it loud, I can feel my heart beat sync in the loveliest fashion you could imagine with the shaking bass exuding from my speakers. Featured on “KNOW ME”, Gallant is credited as the first writer on this uplifting anthem. To close out the album, BRONSON brought in Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for both writing and performance work on “DAWN”, which left a bittersweet taste in my musical palate and, topped this album off on a high note.

The collection of genres and influences within this project is unique and masterfully compiled together, making it an easy listen front to back. None of the tracks are gimmicky or chasing trends, they’re each tasteful and artistic through and through.  

Overall, we are very impressed with the entirety of this album. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you thought in the comments!

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