Ever since Sable Valley was founded about a year ago, they have constantly been re-setting the bar for what a label should strive to be. Focusing on quality music, original branding, new artist spotlights, and fan interaction has pushed them to the very top. This should be no surprise though, as its founder RL Grime has exemplified all of these qualities throughout his decade long career.

Tuning into a Sable Valley stream is like entering a time machine that not only goes back in time but forward as well. The amazing filters, editing and use of old footage give you an acute sense of nostalgia. Paired with a futuristic combination of sounds, their uniqueness truly gives them a vibe that is untouched.

Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 consists of fifteen tracks featuring RL Grime, Whethan, Knock2, Cozway, HOLLY, Capshun, Colson XL, JAWNS, Lemay, Baauer, Kumarion, Carpainter, Effin, Jon Casey, Masayoshi limori, juuku, ROSSY and Heimanu. 

With such a huge roster, you can expect a variety of sounds, from Trap to DNB to Future Bass. This is on par with their prior releases and we love them for the variety, while still maintaining a super cohesive feel.

Check out the new compilation album below and be on the lookout for more content from RL Grime’s Sable Valley soon!

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