Another world rests along the horizon. A metallic compilation of frequencies from a nameless realm. It’s a novel experience, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Clashing metaphoric vibrations with euphoria and nostalgia, juuku and Farrah take us on a journey within and beyond on their brand-new masterpiece, “heart strings”.

Whenever I see either Farrah or juuku announce a release, I instantly get excited to catch a listen. They each possess an organic individuality, unlike any other artist I’ve heard before, ultimately distributing brand-new sounds that rush the eardrum and tickle the amygdala. Witnessing a collaboration between the two is nothing more than a dream come true. It’s safe to say they’ve found an innate equilibrium from the emotional impact through each of their production uniquenesses.

heart strings” has a fluorescent aura emitted from another world, symbolizing affection and connection for life as we know it. Its powerful authenticity strikes the heart and frees the soul. It’s laced with ingenious design and sound quality tectonics that allow it to roll over on steady repeat.

A nostalgia-fueled fever dream, when love and lust collide

Right off the bat, juuku synths flood the intro plane, painting the panorama and preparing us for the cinematic excursion to come. Elements of electronic trap-style trickle over the distorted bass medley of future and wave melodies. It’s a bass-heavy rollercoaster, with anticipated drops that secrete the butterflies from your stomach out into the abyss. Both sides of the collaboration exhibit their natural background to the track. I truly couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Here’s what juuku and Farrah had to say about “heart strings” :

‘Heart strings’ is the brainchild of what an emotional, nostalgic, and a beautiful soundscape of controlled chaos would sound like. When I close my eyes, I envision being at a beach with a loved one during a sunset and all the bottled up feelings are released without strings attached. Juuku and Farrah’s euphoric and hard hitting styles capture what that being in love may sound like.” – juuku x Farrah

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