The youngin’ Abelation has been turning heads for quite a while now. Despite only being a teenager, his defining amorphous style blows past the boundaries of today’s bass music right into his own creative realm of driving basslines.

Authenticity is something that is less and less common when it comes to electronic production in 2020. But when it comes to Reese Downes, he mimics nobody. People respond to originality, which explains how Abelation has managed to build such an impressive following in a few short years.

His prowess doesn’t end after production. Abelation’s talent behind the decks has secured him sets at world-class festivals such as Shambhala, Wakaan Fest, and Lightning in a Bottle.

Today, he dropped a new sonic tidal wave, “Ice King”. Abelation’s flow of nasty bass characterizes many of his tunes and is palpable in this diabolical new release.

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