Zebbler Encanti Experience aka ZEE is the creative marriage of incomparable visual artist Peter Berdovsky and audio wizard Ben Cantil. The duo is celebrating their 2019 EP, “End Trance” , in style by releasing seven official remixes, including a new cut titled “Morphonics”

This remix collection begins with up-and-coming powerhouse, FLY. The L.A. based bass producer remixed the tune “End Trance” and managed to stir his own sauce in it. I’ve always had so much love for Ben & Zebbler and their art so being able to combine my creative vision with ‘End Trance’ was special for me.” – FLY

Black Carl! keeps the heat coming with the second track in the collection. His “Inside The Box” Remix takes the already classic tune and injects his signature bass. Ironically, this tune will take you “outside the box” of todays electronic music. As Black Carl! says, “It gets a little “crazy,” if ya know what I mean.”

It wouldn’t seem right if ZEE didn’t provide some new original sounds for your ears. The ever-inspiring duo releases an astonishing new original on the new project. “Morphonics” weaves etherial chimes and powerhouse chord progressions to create an emotional soundscape.

The project continues with heavy hitters providing remixes, including David Starfire, Wesandersays, Prismatic, Wan, and Tahabdra. Special thanks to Wakaan for making this awesome collection of tunes possible!

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