Following his insane single release of the same name, DMVU returns to Wakaan today to unleash his seven track Chemicals EP!

The production maestro is back at it again for an epic clash with Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan label. Chemicals serves as yet another journey into the mind of the distinguished Colorado producer.

Also to note – this release follows his full-length masterpiece of an album, Two Pairs of Eyes Gazing Only At Each Other, which released earlier this summer.

Check out what DMVU had to say about this brand new Wakaan release and enjoy Chemicals below!

“When I was writing these tracks, I had been in a creative rut for a while. I had just got off a tour with Dirt Monkey and kind of felt like all my energy had been depleted. I knew I wanted to write something heavy and glitchy but I just wasn’t really able to get into the swing of things.

One day I just kind of started sampling obscure things, like fax machines, telephones, dolphins (lol) and doing a lot of crazy processing on all of it. All of a sudden I had an amalgamation of sounds that just seemed kind of over-the-top. After some fine-tuning I started putting them over these really slow drums I had been making and low and behold, the “Chemicals” EP came into fruition. I got to test them all on the tour I did after that and people were very receptive. I’m glad some distorted 808s and seal noises get the kids as hype as I get.” – DMVU

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