There truly aren’t many producers out there with DMVU‘s caliber of abilities. He can create almost any kind of bass music. You can give him an idea and he will crush it every time. For one, his current style consists of the craziest sounds you could ever find, tracks that shatter your bones into pieces. It has led to huge releases on WakaanCircus Records, 19k Records, and Deep Dark & Dangerous.

DMVU is also a connoisseur of gorgeous ambient music. He has released two highly acclaimed downtempo albums with Dome of Doom. This includes his most recent album, Praise Be Delusion Or, The Ripple”, which was an emotional journey from start to finish and is currently my personal favorite album of the year. DMVU recently performed a gorgeous downtempo set at our Cabin Fever Fest last month. It once again proved that he can really do it all.

Today, DMVU returns to his boisterous bass sound. Linking once again with Wakaan, he brings us “Peach Smoothie”. If you were looking for a reason to get on your feet, this tune will do the trick. It’s as dangerous as it is dynamic and will knock your socks off multiple times, over and over and over again.

The intro of this track is filled to the core with suspenseful noises. As each second ticks by, your brain begins to slowly melt into a liquid form. Just when you thought you were prepared, DMVU strikes you with some mind-melting, bone-crushing chops and basslines. It’s a roller coaster ride that goes from 15mph to 120mph within seconds. By the end, you feel dizzy from the craziness that just transpired. The design of DMVU shines throughout and it ends up being another stellar release from the accomplished producer.

There’s truly no denying the gnarring bass on this one, as DMVU crafts yet another massive banger. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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