Bass music prodigy Moore Kismet is back with their second single through Bassrush!

After dropping “Drift” (feat. Bajillionaire) only a few weeks back, the emerging artist has teamed up with the iconic bass label again for new single “Beauty Is A Facade.”

Contrasting the refined composition of the former single, “Beauty Is A Facade” is a blistering blend of explosive bass tones and rhythm. The song throttles and recoils unconventionally as it mirrors the identity conflict driving the producer’s creative intuition.

The track features a number of hauntingly chill interludes whose music-box chimes provide a soft-spoken foundation for the glitchy percussions that pervade the tune’s explosive peaks. Double-time segments build to the bounce-beat drops that evoke post-dubstep vibes throughout the song’s emotional journey.

Moore Kismet offers an enlightening look into their identity and understanding of self with the diverse genius of “Beauty Is A Facade.” While the title offers a dose of cynicism, there is undeniable truth to the beauty in both intention and sound with this latest single.

With the Bassrush – Kismet partnership just beginning and a recent official signing on UTA, we’re eagerly awaiting more on the horizon from the enchanting artist. Let us know what you think of the latest track!

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