G-REX has been at the forefront of innovative bass for quite some time. Hits like “Babatunde” and “Doughboi” have created massive bass music trends out of nowhere.

G-REX’s originality and serious sound design skills set him apart, with a sinister vibe that is present all across his discography. His evolution as a producer is anything but stagnant, with today’s release being incredibly forward-thinking and unique.

“HITTA” is a track that has been getting played out consistently within the last year amongst the Wakaan crew. The track begins with haunting FX and eventually leads to an enormous buildup. What follows is some seriously well-crafted bass with the amplitude to turn you into a noodle. This track is apart of his forthcoming EP, ‘HALLOWS’ , coming out just in time for Halloween.

Check out what G-REX had to say about the new release below!

“HITTA is definitely one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made. I feel like it is the next chapter in my musical journey kind of the same way Rift and Ladi were in past EPs as singles. I think it does a good job really tying in the rap, horror, and experimental influences of mine altogether.’’ – G-REX

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