Indie-alternative artist Kid Froopy has dropped lead single “Another Place” in anticipation of his upcoming album!

The young artist has amassed over ten million streams across Spotify and Apple Music since his 2016 debut single, “Bb (Four Missed Texts).” Froopy’s music has been featured on popular electronic YouTube channels such as Majestic Casual and SuicideSheep. He’s also worked with Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats label in the past, where he released his debut LP.

While a vibrant mix of genre influences, his production style is undeniably indie pop with clean instrumentals blended seamlessly with electronic percussion and distorted vocal samples.

After dropping the emotionally scattershot full-length album Silver Silver earlier this year, Froopy is back at it again: the release of “Another Place” is accompanied with the announcement of another album due out October 23rd.

Although Silver Silver was largely a product of the aforementioned production style, the latest single sits more comfortably amongst traditional electronic music – stated influences coming from the UK Garage movement of the late ’90s and early ’00s.

In modern context, the track sounds appropriately like a B-side cut from a recent album from The 1975. The vocals of “Another Place” are layered thickly and slide through autotuned octaves as if it features a collective of vocalists. Instrumentally, the song’s soft piano and reversing guitar riffs are underpinned by breakbeat percussion.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming album from Kid Froopy. Until then, enjoy the beautifully melancholy composition of “Another Place!”

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