Electronic superstar Illenium has teamed up with Tom Delonge for latest single “Paper Thin.”

Illenium’s reputation proceeds him, and he has tirelessly sustained a release schedule in 2020 with a smattering of singles as well as a full-length remix record of 2019’s LP ASCEND.

Delonge, while an industry staple, is perhaps more recognizable in timbre than name. Formerly the vocalist and guitarist of the iconic pop-punk band blink-182, he occupies himself with his band Angels & Airwaves while tirelessly working to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Traditionally a rock vocalist, Delonge nets a production credit on “Paper Thin” as he co-produced and co-wrote the track alongside Illenium.

The track is truly out of this world: a landscape of airy synths and powerful-but-wistful bass underpinned by a fervent, familiar guitar riff. Delonge’s angsty vocals shine through the polished production and give way to an explosive but palatable drop. “Paper Thin” is an exciting meeting of minds that offers enjoyment for familiars of both Illenium and Angels & Airwaves.

“Paper Thin” has been packaged for release with previous single “Nightlight.” Having teased an unnamed upcoming album with “Nightlight,” the collab is a surefire representation of the experimentation on the horizon for Illenium.

Keep an eye out for more info on the upcoming release. Until then, enjoy “Paper Thin” as it hits the airwaves!

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