In the world of electronic production, Mr. Bill and ill.gates are perhaps two of the most knowledgeable individuals to ever grace Ableton. Both Mr. Bill and ill.gates are exceptionally well-qualified teachers with years of technical production under their belts. The bass music scene is forever changed for the work these two have done for the community.

These titans of industry are no stranger to working with each other. The duo has even toured together as “Mr. Bill Gates”. The new single, “Cabbatsu”, is the byproduct of these two brilliant minds. This tune takes a heavier, dance floor ready approach. As for most of Mr. Bill’s discography, you can expect this tune to be glitchy and amorphous. Peep what ill.gates had to say below.

“Mr. Bill was visiting at the Dojo HQ last Halloween and we normally end up doing a collab when we hang out. He made the drums and a lot of the main bass sounds first, then we decided it needed a bit more personality so we went digging through sounds and samples looking for a ‘face’. Eventually, we came across this sample of Japanese people saying ‘Cabbatsu’ and ‘Lettusu,” which presumably mean ‘Cabbage’ and ‘Lettuce’. They had such great intonation, it’s always amusing to hear Japanese mutations of english words and they say them with such gusto! We were giggling a lot and played it out a few times, but felt it still needed a little something more. That’s when we decided to hire Sylvain Canton to record us a 100% authentic horn section. That’s the LAST thing you’d expect in the middle of a Dubstep/Riddim tune, right? It added this whole Star Wars Cantina band vibe that I feel really brings the whole thing to completion. I love seeing the confused looks on people’s faces the first time they hear it. There’s usually cheering at that point and then they go off extra hard when the bass comes back in after. Good times!” – ill.gates

If you enjoy this tune, it should be a sign of what is to come. “Cabbatsu”, is the first single off ill.gates’s forthcoming album, “The Arrival”. It comes to us via his diverse Producer Dojo record label.

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