This past Friday, Lucii released her Wakaan debut, the Wicked EP. This spooky new collection is just right for this time of year, released right before Halloween. The four-track release creates a chilling air that collapses into a uniquely destructive concoction of bass.

“Spell” is an excellent introduction to this project as Lucii initially highlights her supernatural vocals and contrasts them with a dose of dub rhythms. This new tune has been a staple of her sets and fans are sure to be ecstatic to see it’s official release.

In similar fashion, “Till the Day I Die” , which served as the project’s single, emphasizes Midtempo elements laced with airy vocals and incorporates chilling voice samples into the heavier portions of this track. The third effort off the Wicked EP, “Wonky”, features the unique talents of Point.Blank, is accurately named. It’s another staple of her live sets, as you could probably imagine. This wild and upbeat track creates a balance between slimy basslines and spine-chilling production.

Finally, “Vibe” closes out this incredibly compelling EP by circling back to the emphasis of chilling vocals, while still creating a euphoric air that leaves a sweet taste on the release.

Stream the Wicked EP from Lucii and let us know what you thought below in the comments!

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