Hearts on Fire,” the massive collab between three electronic heavyweights, is finally here!

Illenium is back with a phenomenal new collaboration with Dabin and Lights. This new collab follows his Tom Delonge collaboration, “Paper Thin”, as well as his summer smash “Nightlight”. Dabin, obviously taking a break from his time touring with Illenium’s live show, has been busy with new releases including his 2020 hit, “Holding On.” Singer/Songwriter Lights has also been working hard this year and has her new “Dead End” album coming out soon. You may recognize her infectious vocals from collaborations with Deadmau5, Felix Cartal and even Owl City!

This new effort from the trio of talented artists starts out with lovely guitar strings that draw you in to the soft sweet vocals that immediately touch your heart. As we venture through the song, the subtle melodic bass creeps in and starts a slow build up that draws in the listener even more. Finally, we are met with a crescendo of bass, touching vocals, and that infamous guitar addition courtesy of Dabin. “Hearts on Fire” is a true masterpiece of a song that I’m sure every Illenial will appreciate.

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